EGO Energie Drink with Vodka
ENERGY + VODKA MIX3 varieties
87 pallets of vodka mixed drink (see photo attached) to make.
Doses quantitative completely à 250ml 220.080 cans

Inventory as follows:
37 Pal. Vodka Red Bull 250ml can (3933 trays of 24 cans) complete 94392 doses
25 Pal. Vodka Lemon 250ml Can (2593 trays of 24 cans) complete 62232 doses
25 Pal. Grapefruit Vodka 250ml Can (2644 trays of 24 cans) complete 63456 doses
Actual alcohol content of 4.9% vol.
It is a soft drink vodka with 10.5% share and 89.5% fruit juice with lemon and grape fruit and 89.5% energy drink in the Energy mix.
Trading price of the commodity upon request
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