Product: Avocados (avocados), fresh.
Scientific name: Persea americana
Trade name: Avocado. 


Its fruits are oval shaped pear, medium (200-300 gr.), excellent quality, thick skin, rough, it peels easily and has dark green to purplish when the fruit matures.

The no pulp fiber and oil content ranges from 18 to 22%.
The seed is small, spherical shape attached to the pulp.
The fruit can remain on the tree for some time after maturity without losing its quality.

Oil grade: 9%
Business Unit: 4.25 kg Carton
Net weight per box: 4 kg
Gross Weight per box: 4.25 kilograms.
Packing: Corrugated cardboard boxes.
Boxes per 40′ Ft. Ct.: 5280

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